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Don't spend any money until you know for yourself that real estate investing is right for you!

  • Know what to ask of a Real Estate Agent

  • Enhance your network

  • Identify what skills you need to use or improve

Know Yourself!

Will you enjoy being a real estate inverstor?

Too many people buy expensive coaching programs without knowing if they will be willing to do the work. Before spending any money, test yourself and see if you will be willing to put in the work. Then work on Finding and Funding Properties.

Course Topics

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the 8 Ways

    • Talk to an Agent

    • Call an Agent Survey

    • Your Initial Funding Capacity

    • Go to Fundwise to Receive Your Funding Estimate

    • Your Initial Funding Capacity Survey

    • Find Hard Money

    • Find Hard Money Lender Survey

    • Find Your Agent

    • Find Your Agent Survey

    • Improve Your Credit Score

    • Improve Your Credit Score Survey

    • Meet a Handyman

    • Meet a Handyman Survey

    • Attend an Auction

    • Attend an Auction Survey

    • Talk to Your Network

    • Talk to Your Network Survey

  2. 2
    • Do you have questions? Let's Talk!